Internet Usage and Overages

Phone companies across the nation are changing the way they charge for internet service to help ensure customers receive fair and equitable access to internet bandwidth during times of heavy use and pay for the amount used.

What can you do with 1000 MB?*

  • Send 29,257 plain text emails.
  • Send 5,120 emails with attachments.
  • Web surf 3,413 pages.
  • Download 1,024 digital photos.
  • Stream 352 minutes of YouTube video.
  • Download 256 MP3 music files.

*1 Megabyte (MB) equals 1,000,000 bytes. Above examples are estimates only.

What happens if you go over your monthly amount?

Here is an example of how it works: If your plan allows up to 6,000 MB and your usage is 6,100 MB, you will be billed for the 100 MB over your allotted usage. 100 MB x $.01 = $1.00

IMPORTANT: When using a wireless router, be sure to password protect your wireless network in order to prohibit others from using it and to avoid overage charges. For assistance, call the TelAlaska Help Desk, 1-888-570-1792.

To upgrade your internet Service or if you have questions regarding your service, please call your TelAlaska Customer Representative at 1-888-478-3127.

Tips for Minimizing Internet Overages