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Approved Phones2024-03-12T19:47:50+00:00

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Approved Devices

We are upgrading our network and will give you a $50.00 credit on your next bill. You will need to get a new phone and SIM card.

Thank you for being a valuable customer of TelAlaska Cellular, Inc. dba Fastwyre Broadband! We appreciate your business.

We will be making major enhancements to our cellular network in your area this Spring that will impact your quality of service. 

We’re replacing the radio equipment in the towers that serve your area 

The radios we currently use to transmit data and calls across our network were manufactured by a Chinese company that the U.S. Government recognizes as a national security risk. As a result, the federal government mandates we remove and replace this equipment. 

What this means for you?

We are upgrading from a 2G to a 4G/LTE network so you will need to upgrade your phone and SIM card to be compatible. YOU CAN KEEP YOUR PHONE NUMBER.

As we transition from the old network to the new network, your service may be impacted temporarily. If you experience a prolonged service impact, please contact us at (833) 463-3278.

Call us today for your new SIM card: (833) 463-3278

Approved Devices

AppleModel NumbereSim Capable
iPhone SEA1662No
iPhone 6sA1633No
iPhone 6s PlusA1634No
iPhone 7A1660No
iPhone 7 PlusA1661No
iPhone 8A1863No
iPhone 8 PlusA1864No
iPhone XA1865Yes
iPhone XsA1920Yes
iPhone Xs MaxA1921Yes
iPhone XRA1984Yes
iPhone 11A2111Yes
iPhone 11 ProA2160Yes
iPhone 11 Pro MaxA2161Yes
iPhone SE Gen 2A2275Yes
iPhone 12 MiniA2176Yes
iPhone 12A2172Yes
iPhone 12 ProA2341Yes
iPhone 12 Pro MaxA2342Yes
iPhone 13 MiniA2481Yes
iPhone 13A2482Yes
iPhone 13 ProA2483Yes
iPhone 13 Pro MaxA2484Yes
iPhone SE Gen 3A2595Yes
iPhone 14A2649Yes
iPhone 14 PlusA2632Yes
iPhone 14 ProA2650Yes
iPhone 14 Pro MaxA2651Yes
iPhone 15A2846Yes
iPhone 15 PlusA2847Yes
iPhone 15 ProA2848Yes
iPhone 15 Pro MaxA2849Yes
SamsungModel NumbereSim Capable
Samsung A02SM-A025U1No
Samsung A03SM-A037U1No
Samsung A10eSM-A102U1No
Samsung A11SM-A112U1No
Samsung A12SM-A125U1No
Samsung 13 LTESM-A135U1No
Samsung A13 5GSM-A136U1No
Samsung A14SM-A146U1No
Samsung A20SM-A205U1No
Samsung A21SM-A215U1No
Samsung A32SM-A326U1No
Samsung A42SM-A426U1No
Samsung A50SM-A505U1No
Samsung A51SM-A515U1No
Samsung A52SM-A526U1No
Samsung A53SM-A536U1No
Samsung A54SM-A546U1Yes
Samsung Galaxy s9SM-G960U1Yes
Samsung Galaxy s9+SM-G965U1Yes
Samsung Note 9SM-N960U1Yes
Samsung Galaxy s10eSM-G970U1Yes
Samsung Galaxy s10SM-G973U1Yes
Samsung Galaxy s10+SM-G975U1Yes
Samsung Note 10SM-N970U1Yes
Samsung Note 10+SM-N975U1Yes
Samsung Galaxy s20SM-G981U1Yes
Samsung Galaxy s20+SM-G986U1Yes
Samsung Galaxy s20 UltraSM-G988U1Yes
Samsung Galaxy s20 FESM-G781U1Yes
Samsung Note 20SM-N981U1Yes
Samsung Note 20 UltraSM-N986U1Yes
Samsung Galaxy s21SM-G991U1Yes
Samsung Galaxy s21+SM-G996U1Yes
Samsung Galaxy S21 UltraSM-G998U1Yes
Samsung S21 FESM-G990U1Yes
Samsung Z Fold 3SM-F926U1Yes
Samsung Z Flip 3SM-F711U1Yes
Samsung S22SM-S901U1Yes
Samsung S22 +SM-S906U1Yes
Samsung S22 UltraSM-S908U1Yes
Samsung Z Fold 4SM-F936U1Yes
Samsung Z Flip 4SM-F721U1Yes
Samsung S23SM-S911U1Yes
Samsung S23+SM-S916U1Yes
Samsung S23 UltraSM-S918U1Yes
Samsung S23 FESM-S711U1Yes
Samsung Z Fold 5SM-F946U1Yes
Samsung Z Flip 5SM-F731U1Yes
Samsung XCover 6 ProSM-G736U1Yes
GoogleModel NumbereSim Capable
Pixel 6G9S9BNo
Pixel 6 ProG8V0UNo
Pixel 6aGX7ASNo
Pixel 7GQML3No
Pixel 7 ProGA03453-US / G0DZQNo
Pixel 7aG0DZQNo
Pixel 8GA04803-US / G9BQDNo
Pixel 8 ProGA04798-US / G1MNWNo
TCLModel NumbereSim Capable
Tab LTETC-9132SNo
Tab 5GTC-9183WNo
OrbicModel NumbereSim Capable
MotorolaModel NumbereSim Capable
Moto G PureNo
Will I be able to roam on other networks?2024-03-12T19:43:19+00:00

Your previous roaming capabilities will not be changed. If you had this capability before the network change, you should be able to go forward. 

Will on-network coverage in my area change?2024-03-12T19:42:47+00:00

No, the coverage area will remain the same.

Will I have to send back my old phone?2024-03-12T19:42:03+00:00

No, you will not need to return your old phone.

What will happen to my voicemails & text messages?2024-03-12T19:41:26+00:00

Make sure you back up your voicemails, text messages, photos and any other data stored on your phone that you want to keep. They will not be transferred to your new device/SIM card.

Will I need a new SIM card for my phone to use the new network?2024-03-12T19:40:18+00:00

Yes. We will provide you with a new SIM card. Please call (833) 463-3278 so we can provide you with your new SIM card.

Will my old phone continue to work after the upgrade?2024-03-12T19:39:31+00:00

No, Fastwyre Broadband’s 2/3G cellular network will be discontinued. You cannot make calls from your old phone on the new network. Please purchase a new phone from this approved device list: 

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