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Refer-All Program

How It Works

Tell your friends and family about the Triple Feature from Fastwyre that delivers Digital Cable, High-Speed Internet, and Phone service, all in one bundle. When they order the Triple Feature or one of Fastwyre’s other great packages, you’ll get a FREE month of Service!

  • Tell your friend about your Digital Cable, High Speed Internet, and Reliable Phone from Fastwyre

  • Fill out the “My Information” section of the referral form and return it with your next payment

  • Give your friend the “My Friend’s Information” portion

  • When your friend signs up for the service and the installation is complete, your friend fills out the “My Friend’s Information” section and returns it with their first payment

  • You will receive a FREE month of service within 60 days of receipt of your information and your friend’s information

Return this form with your next payment to qualify for your FREE month of service

I am Referring

Have your friend fill out this form and return it with their payment

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