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What are we asking of you?

By completing the form, you are expressing interest in Fastwyre Broadband bringing Gig speed services to you and your neighbors.  Your interest in a crucial part of securing funding from the Community Connect Grant that will allow us to serve your community with [...]

What makes Fastwyre different?

We bring fiber directly into your home and business offering affordable, sensible plans and local service to smaller communities throughout the states we serve.

Who is Fastwyre Broadband?

We are a local company with long-standing traditions and roots across the United States.  We currently provide fiber to the home (and business) areas of Alabama, Alaska, Louisiana, Missouri, Nebraska, and Texas. This year alone, we will expand our network to 9 additional [...]

Why am I not getting the exact speed that I’m subscribed to?

Your speed will be affected by the number of devices on your network and if you are in the process of streaming video, browsing the internet, downloading large files, etc. Enabling automatic updates on your devices may also contribute to slower speeds. Please [...]

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