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Bally Sports Mid West & Fastwyre

Fastwyre To No Longer Carry Bally Sports Mid West Following Unsuccessful Contract Renewal 

Effective January 1, 2023 Fastwyre Broadband will no longer carry Bally Sports Mid West on our TV Lineups in Missouri and Nebraska markets.  

Fastwyre recently underwent TV contract renewal negotiation with Bally Sports (formerly Fox Sports Mid West), and unfortunately, we were unable to reach what we felt was a fair and equitable deal to continue carrying the network on ourTV lineup. This means that effective January 1, 2023 at approximately 12:01am, Bally Sports Mid West will no longer be a part of your TV lineup. 


Bally Sports recently launched their Bally Sports + app. Bally Sports + is the all-new streaming service from Bally Sports that gives you direct access to your favorite hometown teams via your Fastwyre internet service on devices that you likely already have in your home.  

So while we’re disappointed that we wont be carrying Bally Sports Mid West on your TV Lineup, we’re excited that there is a new streaming option that will bring you closer to your hometown teams with live games, pre- and postgame shows, and original programming. Customize your experience as you go and get instant access to scores, stats, game replays, real-time highlights, polling and more! 

Learn more about Bally Sports + at https://ballysportsplus.com  

The Fastwyre Broadband team 

Why is Fastwyre no longer carrying Bally Sports Mid West?2022-12-30T14:32:18+00:00

It came down to dollars and cents, and in this case, we felt it no longer made sense to continue carriage, especially given the introduction of Bally Sports + which provides sports fans with a cutting edge experience and access to the same programming you’ve grown accustomed to loving as part of your TV subscription.

What is Bally Sports +?2022-12-30T14:33:38+00:00

Bally Sports + is the all-new streaming service from Bally Sports that gives you direct access to Kansas City Royals, Minnesota Timberwolves and Oklahoma City Thunder live games, pre and post game shows, and original programming, currently priced at just $19.99/mo. 

What platforms can I access Bally Sports + on?2022-12-30T14:35:15+00:00

At present, Bally Sports + is available on Samsung TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Apple TV, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, mobile and tablet devices (iOS, Android) and BallySports.com  

Where do I download the Bally Sports + App?2022-12-29T18:56:22+00:00

Bally Sports + is not a stand-alone app, rather, it is comprised of additional content as part of the Bally Sports app. Search for Bally Sports in your app store. 

How much does Bally Sports + cost?2022-12-29T18:57:27+00:00

At the time of this writing, Bally Sports + costs $19.99/mo or $15.83 if you pay for a whole year up front with a 7 Day Free Trial available to new Bally Sports + subscribers.  

I have additional questions…where can I go for answers?2022-12-29T19:11:41+00:00

Check out Bally Sports + FAQ’s https://www.ballysports.com/plus/faqs or head over to the Bally Sports Help Center for more information and assistance. 

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