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Do Not Call Registry

The National Do-Not-Call Registry has been established to offer you a choice about receiving
telemarketing calls at home. Registering will stop most telemarketing calls but it will not stop calls from
certain non-profit and political organizations and calls from organizations with which you have
established a business relationship.

Consumers can register their residential telephone numbers, including wireless numbers, on the National
Do-Not-Call Registry by telephone or by Internet at no cost. The number will be on the Do-Not-Call list the
day after registration; however, telemarketers have up to 31 days to remove the number from their call
lists. You may register up to three numbers at one time if registering on the Internet. If registering via
telephone, you can register only one number at a time and you must call from the telephone number you
are registering. A number can be removed from the Do-Not-Call Registry at any time.

To register or remove a number from the Do-Not-Call Registry call 1.888.382.1222, for TTY call
1.866.290.4236 or register on the Internet at Additional information can be obtained

Fastwyre • 1.888.262.2661 •

National Do Not Call Registry: More Information

Reduce the number of unwanted calls to your home.

In 2003, due to an increasing number of complaints from consumers around the country, the Federal
Communications Commission (FCC) established a National Do-Not-Call Registry. This registry is
nationwide in scope and applies to all telemarketers (with the exception of certain non-profit
organizations), and covers both interstate and intrastate-telemarketing calls.

Commercial telemarketers are not allowed to call a consumer’s home if their number is on the registry. As
As a result, consumers can, if they choose, reduce the number of unwanted phone calls to their homes.
Consumers can register their phone numbers for free, and they will remain on the national do-not-call list
for five years. Phone numbers will have to be re-entered onto the list when five years have passed.
Numbers can be removed at any time.

The Do-Not-Call Registry will not prevent all unwanted calls. It will not cover the following:
• Calls from organizations with which consumers have an established business relationship.
• Calls for which consumers have given prior written consent.
• Calls that are not commercial or do not include unsolicited advertisements.
• Calls by or on behalf of tax-exempt non-profit organizations.

How to Register
Consumers can register online at:, or by calling 1-888-382-1222; for TTY call 1-866-
290-4236. The call must come from the phone number that is to be registered. Consumers can also
register their wireless phone numbers as well. The federal Do-Not-Call Registry took effect on October 1,

If a consumer receives an unwanted telemarketing call and their phone number has been placed on the
registry, a complaint can be filed in one of four ways:
• Send the FCC an e-mail: The address is
• Visit the FCC’s website at
• Call the FCC: 1-888-225-5322 or for TTY dial, 1-888-835-5322
• Send the FCC a letter. The address is:
Federal Communications Commission
Consumer & Governmental Affairs Bureau
Consumer Inquiries and Complaint Division
Washington, DC 20554

Unwanted Sales and Survey Calls
There are several steps you can take if you receive unwanted sales and/or survey calls:
• Be skeptical of offers that sound too good to be true; they usually are.
• Report companies using questionable sales practices to the Better Business Bureau or your state
Attorney General’s office.
• Contact the Direct Marketing Association to have your name removed from telephone solicitation
lists, by writing to Telephone Preference Service c/o Direct Marketing Association P.O. Box
9014 Farmingdale, NY 11735-9014

• Contact the following companies that compile directories and request that your listing be

Attn: List Suppression File
26955 Northwestern Hwy.
South Field, MI 48034
(800) 873-7655

Attn: Data Info Center
901 West Bond St.
Lincoln, NE 68521
(402) 473-9715

• When you are contacted by telemarketers, request to be put on their “Do Not Call” list.
• Call your local telephone company to have your name removed at no charge from any lists that
they may lease to other firms. Customers with non-listed or non-published numbers are never
included on the lists.
• Do not give your telephone credit card number to anyone who calls and asks for the number.
• Screen your calls with an answering machine, voice mail, or caller ID service.
• Get an unlisted phone number. There may be a fee to be unlisted.
• When calling an “800,” “888,” “877,” “866,” or “900″ number, request that your name, address and
phone number not be sold or rented and that they not call you in the future.