Fastwyre’s Interior and Mukluk Telephone companies, along with TelAlaska Long Distance, operate under terms and conditions which are in compliance with Federal and State requirements and laws.

Copies are available for public inspection during business hours at our Anchorage corporate office located at 201 East 56th Ave, Anchorage, Alaska, or at our local offices by appointment through Customer Service.

Long Distance

Interior Telephone
Company Inc.

Mukluk Telephone
Company, Inc.

Pursuant to Alaska Senate Bill 83, Telecommunications Local Service and Intrastate Long Distance Service tariffs are canceled in their entirety effective November 27, 2019. Regulatory Commission of Alaska Docket R-19-002(5).

Regulatory Commission of Alaska (RCA): Call 276-6222 in Anchorage, or 1-800-390-2782 throughout Alaska.

Federal Communication Commission (FCC): 1-888-225-5322